Green Fairy Superieur 

Martin Zufanek's Superieur has been voted world's best by the US Absinth(e) Society. Each batch is made slightly differently.  Green Fairy Superieur is like a wine where each vintage shows differing characteristics to the previous batch.

Green Fairy Superieur is 100% natural - it uses organic herbs grown on the estate in which the absinthe is made. Just two ingredients are produced outside of the grounds of Zufanek - the anise (from Egypt) and the fennel (from Provance). French fennel is the world's sweetest. No sugar is added to Green Fairy Superieur yet the product delivers a lovely sweetness. Green Fairy Superieur is artisanal - only 3,000 litres are created each batch. The liquid has been distilled using a traditional French recipe from the 19th century. 




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