Different Expressions of Absinth

Swiss and French style is spelt ‘Absinthe’

Bohemian style is spelt ‘Abisnth’


  • Named Blanche (white) or la Bleue Suisse (name given to bootleg absinthe from Switzerland).
  • Although Swiss absinthe was commonly produced with the green tincture, the production was changed in order to keep exports alive to the other countries that had not placed a ban on absinth(e).  This meant that they only did the one maceration and then distilled clear so it could travel under many guises. 
  • Generally produced through initial maceration, distilled and bottled clear.
  • Now that the product is legal some Swiss absinthes have colouration.


  • The traditional style known as the green muse, fée verte (green fairy) and the green goddess.
  • Absinthe enjoyed its hey-day in the Belle Epoque of France.
  • The colour is achieved through a secondary maceration after distillation and can is attributed to the chlorophyll within the herbs.
  • Naturally coloured absinthe is more prone to colour change from sunlight. Just like leaves that turn brown as they dry.
  • This is why many absinth(e)s produced today with natural colouring will almost always bottle in tinted glass to avoid the direct light affecting the chlorophyll’s gradual colour change.
  • Relies on the ‘holy trinity’ of wormwood, green anise and fennel.
  • The addition of fennel and star anise into some Swiss and French styles means that they have a more pronounced sweet anise flavour than their Czech counterparts.
  • The use of fennel and star anise contribute to a louching affect in Absinthe when water is added.

Bohemian or Czech:

  • Absinthe production was never banned in Bohemia.
  • Green Fairy original Absinth is produced in a distillery that has been in operation since 1518.
  • The Koruna recipe dates back over 100 years louching.
  • Bohemian absinth uses star anise that is less sweet than green anise.
  • Herbs in these traditional styles include hyssop, wormwood, juniper and coriander similar if not identical to the Swiss and French style.
  • Koruna is the only compounded absinth where the herbs are constantly macerating.
  • Green Fairy Superieur is made in the Czech Republic but it is produced in the French style – it contains green anise and fennel and it louches when water is added.


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